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March 2019
Honoring Our Grief
Circle of Trust Retreat®

Grief Retreat
A friend, referring to the slams and waves of grief, most of them come out of nowhere, randomly.  You're just driving along.  Or doing any mundane thing.  Then - boom - a wave of profound grief slams you. You want to double over.  You can't breathe.  Often the antecedent is not even apparent.  Other times it's like a fog settling back in after lifting for some period of time.

The walk through grief is a journey through an unknown forest for the path that is never the same even though the ground might feel familiar. We are destined to walk the journey in part alone aware of deep grief, sadness and our personal loss known only to ourselves. And yet, we are never alone. When we find the strength to look up and breathe we notice others on our path and on their own path finding their way in the forest of grief searching for the strength to face into a new day.

In grief we are invited to discover our wounds and our wonder. Grief is a highly individual, non- linear process that holds the possibility of transformation.  Grief is often an intense emotional response to whomever we have lost or whatever we have lost.  Grief must be processed by each person in his/her individual story.  Grief that is not processed often leaves an individual stuck in the past with little hope.

The power of a safe community, which this retreat will provide, invites the wounded soul to show up and experience the healing power of grief.

Join us, join others for a time to sit together "in solitude and in community" as we gather for this Circle of Trust® retreat at Kirkridge, March 22-24 in Bangor PA.  Supporting one another and allowing for our own process we will remind ourselves that while grief is the price of love it does not have the final word in our lives.  

To live in this world
you must be able
to do three things:
to love what is mortal;
to hold it
against your bones knowing
your own life depends on it;
and, when the time comes to let it go,
to let it go. - Mary Oliver

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Resilient, Persistent, & Enduring
Stories to Grow Our Souls

Heros Journey Story Retreat
Our lives are guided by the stories we tell ourselves, and by the stories we are told by others.

Each of us has a wealth of stories which we can use to better communicate our dreams, our history, and our culture.  We can share our stories to persuade, to advocate and to educate, as well as give ourselves and our listeners joy.  When you share your story, you grow your soul and give yourself strength for the journey.
During our lifetimes, each of us has faced times of doubt, fear, exhaustion, or humiliation.  Yet we find a way to go on.  Over the course of the weekend we will identify strengths that carry us forward, as well take the time to explore our experiences of feeling both lost and found.  We will strengthen our abilities to lift our voice, center our breath while at the same time map our journey through its trials, learning gates, crises and resolutions.
We learn to make a new way out of no way.  Using the template provided by the Hero's Journey, we will learn to tell the tale of our own heroic journeys to give ourselves and each other courage and strength for the way.

May 3-5 in Bangor, PA

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Medicine Buddha Retreat
with Lama Migmar Tseten 

Medicine Buddha Retreat
Eastover Estate and Eco-Retreat in Lenox, Massachusetts, will offer a Healing through the Medicine Buddha workshop April 5-7. Suitable for healers and those seeking practices to support their own health, this retreat offers "learning, community and the opportunity for self-cleanse and reflection."
Medicine Buddha, the guru of physicians, was first introduced to Tibet in the eighth century. It has become a powerful spiritual healing practice in Tibetan Buddhism. Guided by Lama Migmar Tseten, the workshop will include teachings on the Medicine Buddha Sutra, emphasizing the healing of sentient beings.
All participants will receive instruction on the meditation practice of Medicine Buddha. They will also learn how to combine the sadhana (spiritual practice) with the technique of blessingmedicinal substances to enhance their healing function. The program will conclude with Medicine Buddha sadhana and a medicine-blessing ceremony. Participants should bring anyfresh, unopened medicines they might have for this ceremony.

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The Clear Path Retreat
Refresh and Reset your Body, Mind & Spirit

Womens Retreat Start living your most vibrant and fulfilling life!

This is an intimate women's retreat filled with individual and group activities designed to help you: Reclaim your health and energy; Feel good in your own skin; Adjust your focus and direction; Raise your inner vibration to attract the life you desire.
Practice Rituals for: Trusting your intuition; Identifying what's working in your life, relationships and career; Receiving support for your well-being; Healthy eating and ongoing wellness; Making time for movement you enjoy; Maintaining healthy habits when you return home.

Activities include Yoga, Meditation, Hikes, Equine Therapy, Brain Spotting and more
Return home feeling good on purpose and ready to create more freedom in your life. 

It's time to be your most VIBRANT self.

Bali Bliss Goddess Retreat
9 Day Luxury Yoga~Spa~Culture

Are you ready to bring yourself into a state of renewal through relaxation, soul awakening, and caring for yourself deeply while exploring Mother Earth? You deserve this, Goddess. Join us April 26th-May 4th for a luxurious and liberating experience.
You'll practice daily Kundalini or Vinyasa Yoga, indulge in body treatments, visit sacred temples, deepen your connection to your Divinity and set your inner child free on the magic land of Bali.
The practices are designed to empower you into a positive mindset, make peace with your body & past, and create beautiful bonds with women also awakening to their Divine Femme Power.
Your retreat consists of traveling the island, staying at unique luxurious properties, blissing out on the beach, and being taken care of so you can fully recharge without a care in the world. From the moment you land in Bali, you'll be cared for like the goddess you are.

Recently Added Listings

  Retreat Events

April 26-30 - Springwater, NY
4-Day Retreat w/Stew Glick

April 27- May 5 - Sedona, AZ
HEALtours with Donna Ballenger

May 3-8 - Bangor, PA
Stories to Grow Our Souls - "Resilient, Persistent, and Enduring"

May 17-19 - Jensen Beach, FL
Spiritual Renewal Weekend

May 21-23 - Bangor, PA
Listening to the Land: A Franciscan-Hearted Circle of Trust´┐Ż Retreat

June 5-10 - Crested Butte, CO
The Clear Path Retreat from One Whole Health

June 15-22 - Portugal: Columbeira
Back to Nature Yoga and Surf Retreat in Portugal, June 2019

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Personal Retreats Accommodation

Reignite: 1:1 Sacred Healing and Business VIP Intensive
- Colombia: Armenia

The Retreat Center at Spring Haven Farm
- Boston , VA

Facility for Rent for Group Retreats

Camp Poyntelle Retreat Center
- Poyntelle , PA

Camp Timber Trails
- Tolland, MA

JosephSon Retreat House
- Lake Arrowhead, CA

The Retreat Center at Spring Haven Farm
- Boston , VA

Retreat House at the Lake of the Ozarks House of Prayer
- Camdenton, MO

Retreat Property for Sale

Tuscany Area Retreat for Sale
- Italy: Pietralunga

Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

Center Manager
-Vajrapani Institute- Boulder Creek, CA

Webmaster and Technology Coordinator
-Vajrapani Institute- Boulder Creek, CA

Experience the Blue Zone
Power Up Your Intuitive Wisdom

Costa Rica Retreat
It's time to reconnect to the power of your intuitive wisdom. Re-awaken your senses and connect to the magic of the life you are creating. Join dynamic women May 4-10 at the incomparable Harmony Healing Centre Costa Rica with the thoughtful and engaging BAALL Process (movement, exploration and even joyful play!). Recharge your tanks, reconnect and leave restored with tools for empowering your inner compass.

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Reveling in Your Divine Essence
Existing in Higher Frequencies

Divine Essence Retreat
In this Enhanced Healing Workshop, we will explore Healing Autoimmune Conditions, Integrating Crystals, Sacred Geometry and Vivaxis Healing. Exploring Extra-dimensional and Quantum existence, Joyful communion with your essence and the Divine collective.  Heal trauma, develop an expanded Hara and elevated Core Star to support heightened consciousness, experience deep personal healing and share guided healing techniques to bring forward to use in practice to support others. We invite you to "Revel in the Moment of Magic" with us!

Crossing Boundaries
Bangor, PA - April 12-14

Writers Retreat
As we approach spring and the renewal of life, dig deeper into your writing through story, memoir, poetry & prose. Explore craft through personal boundaries of beginnings, endings, power, community, country, environment, social and economic justice. Grapple with how your writing impacts the world. 

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Hammo's Rustic Lodge
Gathering Space for any Occasion

Lodge for Rent New York
Between Windham and Hunter, NY. 
One might say we at Hammo's have a humanistic psychological mindfulness. The conference room is ideal for yoga and meditation. There's also a meditation "walk" behind the 80 car parking lot. 
$149 pp: one night, hors d'oeuvres at the bar, 3 meals, unlimited use of conference and billiard rooms and anytime coffee. 4 season resort:  birding, skiing, fly fishing, boating, zip lining, mountain biking.

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Shades: Queer Women of Color
A Southern Retreat  - April 18-21

Lesbians of Color Retreat
Empowerment + Growth + Change + Love of self + Financial Health.  All this in the company of like minded queer women of color. Remove yourself from daily life, and reignite your soul in a totally unique environment. 

Gaia Wellness Retreat
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Canada: La Peche, QC
At Gaia Wellness Retreat we strive to offer all of our guests a serene and calming escape from the busyness of life. We also offer year-round Yoga & Wellness Retreats and design Custom Retreats specializing in Teen and Addiction Recovery Programs. Also space for groups up to 30.

More Details

Art of Living Retreat Center
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Boone, NC
A place to relax, open to the transformative power of meditation and spirituality and learn unique, powerful techniques that unlock your hidden potential help you to blossom fully. Also space for groups up to 3000.

More Details

Marie Joseph Spiritual Center
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Biddeford, ME
The Center offers a spiritual harbor for heart and soul, providing opportunity for silent reflection, healing, and prayer for those seeking rest for the body, quiet for the mind and renewal for the spirit. Also groups up to 75.

More Details

Retreats for Individuals & Couples 
Personal Retreats 

Bradenton, FL
Two personalized options available:
A one-on-one intensive retreat for individuals already well on their healing path, and a retreat for couples ready to take their relationship to the next level through sacred sexuality.

More Details

Heartspring Sanctuary
Personal Retreats 

Near Asheville, NC
Offering an intimate, affordable, sacred, and serene space for all beings. Among our personal retreats are: - The Healing Retreat: - Nurturing Retreat: - Spiritual Quest.

More Details

Chiara Center
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Springfield, IL
A Franciscan Place to Discover God's Healing Presence and Peace. The spacious grounds, the walking paths, the sacred shrines, and the beautiful St. Francis of Assisi church. Also space for groups up to 150.

More Details

Peace Village
Personal Retreats 

Haines Falls, NY
The atmosphere is a constant reminder there are spaces and places that touch the heart and soul in a way you will not find anywhere else. For some, its the opportunity for solitude.  Others are seeking answers to questions about spiritual knowledge, spiritual power, and the deep experience of meditation.

More Details

Benedict Inn Retreat
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Beech Grove, IN
Whether you are looking for 
a quiet space for a group retreat for up to 100 or looking for quiet space for a personal retreat/time there is room at the Benedict Inn, located on 50 acres of lush grounds complete with walking paths, benches and peaceful areas for prayer.

More Details

Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat
Personal Retreats 

Captain and Hilo, HI
10 Day Wellness Detox retreat - Achieve a deep cellular detox with radical elimination of toxins without depriving yourself of food. Also Residential Medical Programs with Naturopathic Doctors.

More Details

The McIver Center at The Retreat
Center for Rent

Wayzata, MN
We believe the development of the human spirit is critical to a successful and fulfilling life. Our facility provides an environment that supports this development for groups up to 24.

More Details

Sophia Retreat and Event Center
Center for Rent

Dolores, CO
We are a refuge of peace. Breathe in the ancient wisdom of the past, soak in the beauty of the limitless brilliant skies and be cared for by our professional staff located in the Four Corners of South West Colorado. For groups up to 100.

More Details

Claymont Society Retreats
Center for Rent

Charles Town, WV
Located just outside of Washington, DC, our country lanes, fresh water springs, and winding paths create a tranquil setting for study, relaxation and contemplation. We welcome many diverse groups up to 200.

More Details

Peaceful Meadow Retreat
Center for Rent

Boulder, CO
Our land consists of 14 green acres including, a pond, medicine wheel, labyrinth, apple and plum trees, plus several herb and flower beds. Our site can accommodate up to 31 overnight and 40-50 local guests

More Details

Franciscan Retreat Conf Center
Center for Rent

Colorado Springs, CO
We have six different conference rooms to fill your groups' needs. We can accommodate groups of up to 125 with theatre-style seating. We also provide state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment.

More Details

Lifebridge Sanctuary
Center for Rent

High Falls, NY
Lifebridge Sanctuary, the Hudson Valley's unique meeting and retreat center is a place of beauty, privacy and quiet, offering a perfect environment for overnight retreats or day conferences for up to 65.

More Details

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